The 2018 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit was held in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea on 12-18 November. The summit provided the Government of Papua New Guinea with the stimulus to choose Hytera’s professional mobile radio (PMR) communications solutions to ensure the safety and security of the APEC guests and to provide a much improved radio system for Port Moresby police and other emergency services. 


APEC 2018 summit, Papua New Guinea

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ICC, iMesh-3800V

E-pack 100, DS-6210

PDC760, VM68X



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    The 2018 APEC summit was held for the first time in Papua New Guinea. The event involved the host nation catering to the needs of some 10,000 delegates and guests during the week-long summit. Representatives from 21 countries attended the forum, along with leaders and representatives from 13 Pacific islands and large numbers of media personnel.

The Solution

The eventual solution deployed in Port Moresby involved a much wider range of specialist Hytera products than usual to ensure the Government could meet the strict security requirements required for APEC 2018. A mix of technology solutions were deployed including both broadband and narrowband professional mobile radio (PMR) systems. 

The Hytera Integrated Command & Control (ICC) system was implemented to provide a single unified platform capable of supporting broadband voice and data services, narrowband mission critical voice services and a video surveillance solution to access CCTV monitoring systems and video footage transmitted from vehicle and body worn cameras. 

The intelligent call handling, mapping and reporting system includes features such as emergency alarm displays and dispatch. GPS-based location services integrated into the radios enables the control room to see where vehicles and foot patrols are in real-time on digital maps. 

Hytera also supplied its Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) broadband solution and its portable iMesh 4G fast deployable emergency response solution, along with its E-pack 100 mobile ad-hoc networking units. 

Hytera also provided DMR Tier III trunking infrastructure, PDC760 multi-mode advanced DMR/LTE radios and body worn cameras. The PDC760 terminals were mostly used by the security leaders such as the APEC commander and Commissioner of Police. 

From August, a dedicated Hytera project team was also stationed locally in Port Moresby to make sure the solution was implemented properly and to provide advice and back-up services during the APEC summit.

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