International Critical Communication Awards to Hytera Group

Hytera adheres to technology innovation and remains strongly committed to providing cutting-edge products and services to critical communication users throughout the world. We appreciate ICCA's recognition of like efforts and granting Hytera, Sepura, and Teltronic 5 awards out of 17 at the CCW 2022, along with many shortlisted from the fierce competition of world-leading companies and organizations. 

International Critical Communication Awards (ICCA)

The International Critical Communication Awards (ICCA), presented by The Critical Communications Association's (TCCA), are the most prestigious awards in critical communications. Celebrating excellence in the sector, the 2022 ICCAs once again recognize the success of products, organizations, and individuals across 15 categories that have pushed boundaries and capabilities within the field.

Critical Communication World (CCW)

Critical Communications World (CCW) is The Critical Communications Association's (TCCA) flagship event, It can create mutually beneficial initiatives, promote technology advances, share experiences and ideas, and demonstrate the power of teamwork. TCCA brings together members that design, manufacture, build, implement, utilise, analyse, promote, develop and deploy critical communications worldwide to share cutting-edge technology.

Best use of critical communications in transport

Hytera HyTalk MC Solution (MCS solution compliant with 3GPP standards) for Sri Lanka Railway (SLR) enables train drivers, dispatching controllers, and station masters at SLR to easily communicate with each other. SLR can interconnect its sites and provide the railway personnel with real-time access to critical data, allowing them to better serve the passengers and ensure smooth and safe operations for train drivers, further guaranteeing the punctuality of trains and reducing railway accidents.

Best MC-X device of the year

The SCU3 Broadband vehicle device is Sepura’s first mission-critical LTE solution. SCU3 vehicle device supports broadband network MCPTT applications, supports access to TETRA network voice and data services, and provides IP access, D2D point-to-point communication, and other functional characteristics. It has powerful data capability to enhance its communications solution.

Best use of critical communications in utilities

The EDESUR project makes the radio system to become an extremely valuable asset, as it enables the company to detect any incident or outage in the distribution network in practically real-time and, consequently, improve its management and operation. Teltronic’s TETRA infrastructure allows this operation to take just 10 seconds, establishing a new operating model for electricity production and distribution companies.

Best use of critical communications in Mining, Oil and Gas

Sepura’s SCG22 mobile radios and AutoMate application has been designed to support safer operations for radio users. The application automates standard radio activity based on geographical triggers. Sepura’s Australian partner National Wireless successfully deployed the application to a mining site via the SCG22 mobile radio. When in use, the application enables drivers of the site’s water trucks to maintain safe operations, reducing the risk posed by the waste dust caused by the mining process.

Outstanding contribution to critical communications

Sepura employee Diana Ball is recognized for her Outstanding Contribution to Critical Communications. Diana played a crucial role in the development of the TETRA standards that are still trusted by users to ensure interoperability between suppliers.
In addition to the above awards, a number of Hytera’s Innovations and Cases Have Been Shortlisted in International Critical Communications Awards

  • Best MC-X device of the year
Hytera PDM680
RTP-800: the first MCX cab radio terminal for transport
  • Best MC-X solutions of the year
    Sepura SCU3 Broadband Vehicle Device
  • Best TETRA device of the year
    Hytera PTC680
Sepura SCG22 Mobile TETRA Radio
  • Best Use of advanced technology (AI, UAVs, SA etc)
Hytera AI-based Noise Cancellation for Two-way Radios
  • Best Use of Critical Communications in Public Safety
    Modernisation of the Ciudad Juárez Immediate Response Centre-TRESCAN, reliability and maximum coordination in the fight against the volcano
  • Best Use of Critical Communications in Transport
    Kazakhstan Railway Runs Safely and Efficiently with TETRA Communications System
  • Emerging technology, product or solutions (in development but not being used yet)
    Hytera PNC560 World’s 1st 5G MCPTT Device


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    Hytera Image

    XSecure Rugged Device PNC560


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    Hytera New Business Radio

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    Hytera New Business Radio

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    Hytera PDC680 Video

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